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Biru Maharjan: A name synonymous to Natural Bodybuilding.


During his peak at various bodybuilding competition, Biru Maharjan was widely known for his Vacuum pose that were identical to Frank Zane’s (three times Mr. Olympia winner) and therefore commonly referred to as Nepali Frank Zane. This pose is not popular amongst the Nepali bodybuilders as this was considered one of the rare poses.

But Biru Maharjan made this Vacuum pose his signature pose for many competition and honestly speaking, no one does it better than him. Biru, also considers Frank Zane as his inspiration. The first child of Tulsi and Basundhara Maharjan, Biru was born October 14, 1977 in Chhauni. Biru belongs to a middle class farming family and from his childhood days had keen interest in sports. Started with martial arts, he shifted his interest in football and then finally found Bodybuilding as his core interest.

He joined Kalimati Friendship Gym in the year 1994, and there was no looking back ever since. Iconic persona but very seldom talked about in Bodybuilding in Nepal, Mr. Tirtha Maharjan was and is the trainer at Kalimati Friendship Gym. Biru bows his head in respect every time he even hears of his much loved Tirtha Guru. Some of major events in his outstanding career can be listed as follows: Year 2051 BS First Career Competition at the young age of 17; 6th place in Mr. Kantipur. Year 2053 4th BS Dharma Shree 60 kg Bronze winner.

Year 2054 5th BS Dharma Shree- Gold Medalist in 60kg, 1st Runner up in overall and Best Arms of the year Year 2055 6th BS Kathmandu Cup- Gold Medalist in 60 KG, 2nd Runner up in overall competition. Year 2058 BS Mr. Bagmati open national championship, Banepa- Gold in 65 KG, 2nd runner up in overall competition. Year 1998, Body of the Year, Kathmandu- 65 KG Gold. Year 2000, Body of the Year, Kathmandu- 60 KG Gold Mr. Himalaya Rastriya Bodybuilding competition, organized by Nepal Bodybuilding and Fitness Association held in the year 2006 & 2012, Biru competed in 65kg category and won second place; both the times. In the year 2001, fourth South Asian Bodybuilding competition was held in Goa, India and he came in fourth place in 65kg category.

Year 2007 AD 11 Nepal open national bodybuilding championship- Gold in 75 KG Year 2007 AD 11th Dharma Shree open bodybuilding championship – Gold in 70 KG, 2nd runner up in overall competition. Dharma Shree 6th till 10th season; consecutively won Silver in 65 KG category. Year 2011 AD Dharma Shree 12th Season won Bronze in 75 KG category. Year 2009 AD, Asian Beach Sports Competition was organized in Bali and Biru came in 9th place in 70 kg category Year 2009 AD Northwest Natural Bodybuilding Championship, Kelwona, Candana, 2nd place in 70 KG. The best poser of the year. Year 2010 AD British Columbia (BC) Open Bodybuilding

Championship, Portcutlum, Canada, 2nd place in 70 KG Seventh South Asian Bodybuilding competition was organized in Nepal on 2010 where Biru secured 4th place in 60 kg category.Around 2009, he enrolled himself in Fitness Leadership Diploma program under Fitness Nutrition in Canada. There too he competed in many bodybuilding competitions. These days Biru works as Personal Trainer and have trained many National athletes. He looks after their workouts, meal plan, and also trains them on avoiding Injuries related to sports.

Alex Shah, a spectacular swimmer who is registered to compete in the upcoming Olympics, is currently undergoing Dry Land Conditioning training with Biru. Capitalizing on courses studied in Canada, he runs and oversees FitCal Nepal, which offers fitness conscious individuals with meal plan delivered to their door steps. Each meal is prepared in well organized kitchen that provides nutrition requirements as per their goals. During this remarkable career, many a times he had to settle for less than what he deserved, and yet he never once thought of taking restricted supplements and always advocated for Natural Competition.

Biru, till date voices for Natural Bodybuilding and councils’ newcomers and youth on staying away from such enhancers. Biru Maharjan is without a doubt one of very few Nepali Bodybuilders who has always practiced and believed in Natural Bodybuilding. He uses his recognition and platform to help many individuals in reaching their physical goals. His career achievements and contribution is unparalleled. He is truly a fine definition of sportsperson who genuinely is dedicated to his work.


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